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19 June 2014

New bits of tech

There have been many new and exiting bits of tech that have been introduced to the game of football in this world cup. In many ways there have been cool new devices that have been added to the game so that the tournament is a lot more fair, now more than ever a game of football is judged on the general performance of the players. There has been little room left for mistakes and potential slip ups, for example the referees wrongfully allowing and disallowing goals. But what are the coolest, most exciting pieces of tech to hit the Fifa world cup tournament? Here are some of my top picks, some that I definitely think are worth keeping an eye on because they'll really be influencing the game significantly. The first interesting piece of technology lies within something that you wouldn't have noticed unless you were informed about it. The chances are that it'll have an effect on every player on the pitch, and if it's not to their liking, will make them under perform terribly. I am talking about the football itself. The way that a football is made, how it's put together, what it's made out of, etc. makes a big difference when it comes to how it travels both in the air and on the ground. This years is the 'Bazuca', created by Adidas. Adidas did manage to cause a stir during the previous world cup because they created a ball which didn't travel to a lot of footballers liking. So let's hope they've hit the nail on the head this year. One of the things I noticed straight away, was the referee using shaving foam to point out important spots on the field. This may include however close a free kick wall can stand for example, or where is the ball to be placed. As it turns out it's not shaving foam, but this foam completely evaporates after 60 seconds. How class it that!? This means that referees are now able to completely distinguish where abouts they want the players to be positioned during certain set plays, and it can also show them their limitations and barriers. Massive thumbs up for that. But I thought I'd save probably the most overdue piece of technology for last, obviously goal line technology. There have been arguments for years saying that goal line technology should be introduced into football, and now finally it is. This means every goal is given when it should and shouldn't be. But unfortunately no more controversy that we love to talk about. That's right, no more ghost goals. No more unfair losses to Germany. Having said that, do your research about how we won 1966. I'm sure you'll believe we deserved that one in 2010 afterwards! So wherever you're enjoying the world cup and its great new bits of tech, make sure you're watching it with someone who will more than brighten your day. Check out the fun and loving girls at black label. Because if England disappoints, at least you know they won't.

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